Simulation of relay protection in Simulink

The Matlab / Simulink software package allows you to simulate not only electrical networks, but also much more, including relay protection and automation algorithms.

To implement relay protection algorithms, Simulink has a large number of libraries that allow you to simulate various relays, time delays, filters, triggers, and so on. If any elements are not available, then they can be implemented using the functionality of s-functions or standard libraries.

The main libraries used in the implementation of relay protection algorithms are as follows:

  • Simulink / Discontinuities (Relays)
  • SimScape / SimPowerSystem / Specialized Technology / Control & Measurements / Measurements (filters)
  • SimScape / SimPowerSystem / Specialized Technology / Control & Measurements / Logic (time delays, triggers)
  • Simulink / User-Defined Functions (s-functions)
  • Simulink / Sinks (Oscilloscope)

Naturally, the entire set of necessary elements is not limited to the libraries given above.

On our site in the near future will be published notes on the implementation of various relays, time delays and others, the purpose of which will be to develop a library of relay protection algorithms developer.

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